Free week’s holiday for flood victims in Middelkerke

The good folk of the seaside resort of Middelkerke (West Flanders) have opened their hearts and homes to people from Wallonia, who have been hit hard by the recent floods.  Middelkerkians are offering people from Hamoir, a town in Liege Province, the opportunity to holiday with guest families on the Flemish coast.

So far Middelkerkians have provided 30 beds.  The municipal authorities have now launched an appeal and hope local residents will be able to take this figure to 50.

The initiative comes from Eric Vandewalle, who’s offering a bed for the night to two people: “In this way they can forget all their misery for a few days and enjoy a week’s holiday. Our flat is big enough and we can offer one or two bedrooms for a couple of weeks in August.”

Several of Eric’s neighbours decided to join in and now the municipal authorities have decided to help organise the initiative.

“We want to offer 50 people from Hamoir a free week’s holiday in August” says alderman Lejaeghere.  “We’ll send a coach and will foot the transport bill thanks to the fundraiser “Middelkerke Helps”.  We will collect the families in Hamoir so that they can travel to Middelkerke as a group”.

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