Code Amber weather warning for West Flanders, Code Yellow for the rest of the country

With heavy rain forecast for today the Royal Meteorological Institute KMI has issued a Code Amber weather warning for West Flanders that will remain in force until this afternoon. Meanwhile a Code Yellow weather warning is in force in the rest of the country.  


KMI forecasts yet more bursts of heavy rain today with as much as between 10 and 30 litres of rainfall per M³ falling in a short space of time some areas. In western areas as much as 40 litres per M³ could fall during the course of the morning. There is also a possibility of hail and gusts of high wind.

The 1722 hotline to request non urgent assistance from the Fire Service remains open. It can be reached either by calling 1722 of by logging on to the website. The 112 emergency number should only be called if the situation you wish to report is life threatening.  

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