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Some localised flooding in West Flanders

Heavy rain has led to localised flooding in some parts of West Flanders. On Monday morning as much as 60 litres of rain per m² fell on the coastal town of Nieuwpoort in just 1 hour. Further up the coast in Knokke-Heist a number of streets were flooded. Monday morning’s downpour followed heavy rain on Sunday evening. Then the Fire Service in Bruges received 50 calls to deal with flooded cellars. 

Fortunately, no houses were flooded. On Monday morning the Fire Services in Middelkerke, Oostduinkerke and Gistel were called out to deal with issues stemming from the wet weather. 

Nieuwpoort was the place hardest hit by Monday morning’s downpour with around 56 litres of rain per m² falling there. The Fire Service received 40 calls to deal with flooding with areas on the edge of the town being impacted the most. On the Brugse Steenweg a supermarket carpark was flooded.   

In Knokke-Heist the Fire Service received 65 calls to deal with flooding on Monday morning. Several main streets were submerged as the sewers were unable to cope with the large quantity of rainwater. 

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