Appeal against verdict in Antwerp gas explosion case

The case of the devastating gas explosion that destroyed a house on Antwerp’s Paardenmarkt in 2018 is to go appeal. A number of those that were sentenced by a court in Antwerp last month are to appeal against their sentences and/or the level of compensation set by the Court of First Instance in Antwerp in its verdict on 22 June. 

The news that an appeal has been lodged was first reported by the daily ‘Gazet van Antwerpen’ and has been confirmed by the Antwerp Judicial Authorities.  

In its ruling last month, the court sentenced a man that had sublet rooms in the house to 18 months imprisonment, half of which suspended.  2 people died the gas explosion at the house in January 2018. A further 27 people were injured in the explosion at the building on the Paardenmarkt that the tenant sub-let to others. The man was also ordered to pay compensation amounting to 2.5 million euro. The explosion was caused by an accumulation of gas that had come about due to an old gas meter in the building. 

The man’s insurer AXA is among those appealing against the ruling. However, AXA now concedes that it is legally responsible, something that it denied during the initial trial.

It is likely that a date for the appeal will be set later this year. 

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