15,000 bees found dead; vandals suspected

Vandals are suspected of poisoning 15,000 bees at a hive in Meerhout (Antwerp Province) operated by the Boerderbij project.  “We found them with their tongues hanging out” says beekeeper Nick Bogaerts. “It’s possible the bees were poised through the ventilation outlet”.

The 15,000 dead bees were found in a hive used to exhibit living bees and show people how they live and why they are so important.

Nick Bogaert believes vandals have been at work and that the bees were poisoned: “They could have died of starvation, but that is highly unlikely.  There was enough food about.”

The bees were living in a special exhibition hive that allows members of the public to get up real close and see what the bees are up to.  “We were able to open the hive so that everybody could see the bees in action.  We’ll definitely have to get a new hive next year!”

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