Four-month wait for walking shoes, up to a year for a tent!

After the bike shortage a new item has become particularly scarce in corona days: walking shoes.  Many are the Flemings who have discovered or even rediscovered the joys of a ramble through the Flemish countryside as a result of the restrictions and hassle associated with this pandemic. To start out well-equipped is the urgent advice many of these new ramblers will receive, but it seems walking boots are experiencing the same lot of bicycles: producers cannot keep up with demand.

Shoppers are hearing they may have to wait weeks if not months for a sound pair of walking shoes.

Kariboe is a store in Hasselt (Limburg) specialised in equipment and attire for outdoor sports enthusiasts and campers.  Their Heikki Put says: “It’s been incredibly busy and it doesn’t look like stopping any time soon.  Many people have discovered or rediscovered rambling.  Demand for walking boots is off the scale!”

Heikki explains demand cannot be met because, due to the pandemic, production has halved.

“Across the continent of Europe demand for walking boots has trebled, even quadrupled.  Production is lagging behind.  Expect a long wait.  For some models waiting times are now up to 4 months!”

Equipped with the commercial sprit Heikki insists it’s always well worth your while trying the shops: “Some brands and sizes you will always find in-store”.

Enthusiasts eager to purchase a new tent may also face a tidy wait.

“There’s a shortage of light weight tents used by hikers.  Waiting times of up to a year are no exception. Some brands of tent, which I order now, will be delivered in 2023.”

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