Belgian to lead McDonald’s customer experience

Belgium’s Manu Steijaert is the new chief customer operations or CCO at fast-food chain McDonald’s.  Steijaert has been working for the company in leading positions for two decades and will now transfer to its HQ in Chicago in order to set up a new customer experience team.  He will report directly to the company’s CEO.

The Belgian started with McDonald’s in 1987 when during the holidays he got a student job at one of the company’s Belgian restaurants. During the past decade he held several top jobs at the company leading operations in Belgium and the Netherlands, but also jointly heading management teams in twelve different countries.

McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski says the Belgian’s thorough knowledge of customer expectations and his rich insights into several countries will serve him in good stead on heading the customer experience team.

Steijaert notes he’s proud to be the first person to fill this post: “I can’t wait to start on the transformation of the way customers engage with our brand” he told VRT.

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