Nina Derwael

Medal disappointment for Belgians in all-round gymnastics

At the Olympics medal hopeful Nina Derwael has failed in her bid to win a medal in the final of the all-round gymnastics. Sunisa Lee of the US won gold, Rebeca Andrade of Brazil silver.

If Andrade dominated in the first two events Lee of the United States gave a smooth performance throughout pocketing a top score in the uneven bars.  Angelika Melnikova of the Russian Federation landed bronze.

Nina Derwael came no further than a sixth place in the all-round final, while 15-year-old Jutta Verkest finished in 23rd position, second from last.

On the uneven bars Derwael alternates a series of exceptional difficult combinations. A misstep on landing damages her score: 15.266.

Nerves clearly unsettle Derwael on the beam.  Her start is hesitant and she misses one combination.  An abundance of exquisite movements limits the damage.  13.366 is her score.

With help from Vivaldi Derwael secured a 13.433 in the floor exercise.  This took her overall total to 55.965. Six tenths under her score in the qualifying round.

For Verkest, who given her age has nothing to reproach herself, Tokyo was a learning school. In the team event she fell from the bars.  Luckily no repeat today, though her feet did touch the ground.  Her performance on the beam was described as “sublime”. She is certainly a gymnast to look out for!

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