Phase three of the corona Summer Plan comes into force today

The third phase of the authorities’ relaxation of the restrictions on events, both indoors and outside, comes into force from today. Under phase 3 of the Summer Plan events with up to 3,000 participants will be able to be held indoors with up to 5,000 participants being able to take part in outdoor events. In addition to this the restrictions on the maximum number of people allowed in shops or shopping centres no longer applies and it will no longer be necessary for checks to be carried out at the entrance to stores to ensure that too many people aren't coming in. 


Today’s relaxation of the restrictions is the third phase in the four-phase Summer Plan announced by the Consultative Committee earlier this year. The criteria for the phase three relaxations to be introduced (70% of adults in Belgium vaccinated at least once and fewer than 500 ICU patients with COVID-19) have been largely surpassed.  

In the next phase large-scale outdoor events will be permitted from 13 August. Those attending will have to prove that they are fully vaccinated, provide a negative result from a test taken during the past 48 hours or have recently recovered from the virus.

Trade fairs can now also be organised again.

Parties and receptions (such as wedding receptions) can be held again for up to 250 guests. The rules that apply to hospitality industry apply here.

Meanwhile, youth and sport camps for up to 200 participants with overnight stays can be held against. Prior testing for coronavirus of all participants is strongly advised.



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