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Some vaccines lost after power cut a Ghent vaccination centre

A power cut at the vaccination centre in the East Flemish city of Ghent has led to some of the centre’s vaccine supply having to be disposed of as it was no longer fit for use. The emergency generator at the vaccination centre that is housed in the Flanders Expo events hall failed to kick in when the regular power supply failed on Thursday night. 

The power failure meant that some of the vaccines that were being stored at the centre for use early on Friday morning were not able to be kept cool enough and had to be thrown away. 

Michiel Dendooven, who is in charge of the centre, told VRT News that those that had planned to get a jab between 8 am and 10am on Friday morning will have to rebook. However, thanks to the assistance of other centres, the Ghent Vaccination Centre had enough supplies of coronavirus vaccine to continue working as normal from 10am. 

Mr Dendooven added that the vaccination centres in Wachtebeke, Wetteren and Oudenaarde are among those that gave their surplus vaccines to the Ghent centre in order to allow normal service to resume there asap.

The centre hopes that as many people as possible that were unable be vaccinated before 10am will be able to get a jab some time today. In order to achieve this the centre might stay open later on Friday evening or extra staff might be drafted in to cope with the extra workload.

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