A second titan arum flowers at Meise Botanical Gardens

It is something of a special weekend at the Meise Botanical Gardens in Flemish Brabant as not one, but two titan arum plants are now in bloom there. The first plant went into bloom earlier this week and now a second plant has gone into bloom. The titan arum produces the largest flower of any plant in the world. The flower of the titan arum isn’t for the faint-hearted though as it is as smelly as it is large. 

It is quite exceptional for two of the rare plant to be in bloom in one place at the same time. In the wild the titan arum grows in the tropical rainforests of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The second of the giant plants that went into in bloom at Meise is around 2 metre 40 centimetres tall.  

The stench of the titan arum’s flower is designed to attract insects to pollenate the plant. Anyone wishing to see the flowers will have to be quick as the plant only stays in bloom for just 72 hours. 

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