July was dull, cool and wet

July will go down in history as a dull month with a a great deal of rainfall. The Royal Meteorological Institute’s (KMI) monthly climatological review shows that 24 days during the past month were classed as “spring days” while just 3 days were classed as being “summer days”. 

At KMI’s Ukkel (Brussels) HQ there were 170 hours and 9 minutes of sunshine. This is well below the normal July average of 203 hours and 14 minutes. April (198 and 38 minutes), May (170 hours and 31 minutes) and June (201 hours and 34 minutes) were all sunnier than July.

There was a total of 166.5 mm of rainfall at Ukkel last month. This is more than double the normal July average of 76.9mm. Last month’s rainfall total exceeded the previous record for this century (133.8 mm set in 2000). Nevertheless, it is still well short of the 196.5 mm that fell back in 1942, which was the greatest July rainfall total since records began in 1833.

The lion’s share (83 mm) fell during the 10 days between 11 July and 20 July. The greatest amount of rainfall recorded on any one day was the 58.9 mm that fell on Thursday 15 July.

Elsewhere in the country the highest amount of rainfall was recorded on Wednesday 14 July. Then no fewer than 4 weather stations recorded more than 100mm. The weather station at Hockai, near Stavelot (Liège Province) recorded 179 mm of rainfall on 14 July. The heavy rain caused serious flooding, especially in Liège, Namur and Luxembourg provinces. Only the west of the country escaped the torrential rain.    

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