Free open-air pool in Brussels is a great success

The Flow open air swimming pool next to the canal in the Brussels municipality of Anderlecht is proving to be a great success. Although the weather wasn't up to much during a fair portion of last month the temporary open-air pool welcomed swimmers every day come rain or shine. 

Such was its popularity that everyday dozens of would-be swimmers had to be turned away. Paul Steinbrück of the not-for-profit group Pool is Cool that is behind the open-air pool project told VRT Radio 2 Flemish Brabant and Brussels that “This led to mutual frustration. It is clear that there is a need for open air pools in Brussels”. 

The Flow pool will remain open throughout August. It is located next to the Pierre Marchant Bridge and is within a couple of minutes walking distance from several bus and tram stops.

Demand clearly outstrips capacity at the open-air pool. Paul Steinbrück told the VRT that there is frustration on the part of the organisers that they can’t offer more tickets and on the part of the general public that not enough tickets are available. 

He added that "The only solution is to finally start work on a permeant open air swimming pool in Brussels”. Mr Steinbrück hopes that his organisation’s project can spur on politicians to take action. ‘Change is coming slowly, but a lot of work still needs to be done. We hope that things will speed up now. Politicians that have looked at the project or even have come to swim here themselves are already convinced”. 

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