"Voorstel story. // Voorstel tweet": Interior minister's strange tweet goes viral

Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden sent a strange Twitter message last night, about the upcoming semi-final of the Belgian hockey men at the Olympic Games. After the tweet - which was removed very quickly - had gone viral, the minister explained about it at the VRT this morning. 

The tweet was about an important game that was coming up for the national men's hockey team, the Red Lions. They carry the hopes of a second Gold at the Tokyo Olympics, and were taking on India in their semi-final last night. "At 3:30 tonight the moment has arrived: I have set my alarm. Good luck in the semi-finals @BelRedLions". So far, so good, but the tweet had a strange beginning: "Voorstel story. // Voorstel tweet." ("story proposal. // tweet proposal").

Ms Verlinden explained that she didn't send the tweet herself. It was a member of her team that pushed the 'send' button a little bit too early. "Politics is also a team sport. There is a whole team, a whole administration behind me, doing a lot of work. This is shown in this tweet." 

The minister added that she got up in the middle of the night indeed, and that she could follow live coverage of the Belgian victory against India. "It was a tense game, but I think the best has won."  

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