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Olympic champion Nina Derwael is back in Belgium: "Never had so many microphones around me"

Gymnast Nina Derwael arrived at Brussels Airport this morning, where her boyfriend, her parents and other friends and family were waiting for her. The newly-crowned Olympic champion is in for a busy day.   

Nina Derwael said she had a good sleep on the plane home and this is just as well, because she has a busy agenda today. In Zaventem, she was welcomed by a bunch of people. She got a kiss from her partner, football player Siemen Voet, and a hug from the family dog. Her mother, Marijke Lammens, got emotional and couldn't stop her tears. Derwael also received flowers from the Belgian table tennis legend Jean-Michel Saive and then spoke to the press. (see video on top of the page)

"I really missed my friends and family in Tokyo, going through all these emotions there. It's almost a month since I last saw them. I was glad to be able to return home." 

The Limburg gymnast will be honoured during a ceremony in Sint-Truiden this evening: an open car will take her to a stage on the main square between the crowd and a party will be held - she and has more interviews. She will have to get used to it, as Olympic champion. Derwael was surprised by the many journalists at the airport: "I have never seen so many microphones around me", she laughed. 

Derwael's boyfriend Siemen is a professional football player.
James Arthur Photography
All rights reserved (c) 2021
All rights reserved (c) 2021

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