A night of gun violence in Antwerp

The Antwerp Judicial Authorities report that there were two shootings in the city on Friday evening. No one was injured in the incidents. It is as yet unclear whether they were drug related. 

At around 1am shots were fired at a house on the Bisschoppenhoflaan in Deurne. Police later found a bullet hole in the garage door of the house. Lieselotte Claessens of the Antwerp Judicial Authorities told VRT News that "A resident reported that his house was being shot at”.

Last month a stun grenade was thrown onto the drive of the same house.

After the shooting police placed a roadblock on the Cantincrodelaan in Borsbeek (Antwerp Province). There a suspicious vehicle failed to stop. “The vehicle drove towards the roadblock at high speed. The police fired a shot. The vehicle was able to drive on and was later found in Rotterdam”. The car is a Dutch registered Volkswagen Golf.

The third shooting was on the Boomsesteenweg in the Wilrijk district of Antwerp. Here several shots were fired, some of which ended up in a shopfront. Forensics experts, the Federal Judicial Police and local detectives all attended the scene.

An Examining Magistrate has been assigned to both shooting. Investigations are currently ongoing into attempted murder and breaches of firearms legislation.

The Examining Magistrate is also looking into whether the shootings are drugs related. 

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