Nicolas Maeterlinck

Construction consortium and project management behind Oosterweel Link issued with summons

The environmentalist group Greenpeace and the Zwijndrecht (Antwerp Province) citizens initiative Grondrecht have had court summons issued to company in charge of managing the construction of the Oosterweel Link Lantis and the construction consortium Rinkoniên that is carrying out the work on the road construction project

The summons is being issued in relation to the PFOS pollution that has been discovered where part of the work to build the Oosterweel link is taking place. The news first appeared in the Antwerp daily ‘Gazet van Antwerpen’ and has since been confirmed by all parties involved.

The summons centres around how polluted soil that has been excavated during the construction work is being stored on verges around the 3M factory that was the original source of the PFOS pollution. Grondrecht and Greenpeace say that not enough is being done to ensure that the polluted earth that has been dug up is stored safely and in such a way to ensure that it doesn’t cause any further pollution.

An initial hearing will be held at a court in Antwerp next week.  Previously Grondrecht and Greenpeace started legal action the municipal authorities in Zwijndrecht and the City of Antwerp, accusing them of having taken in sufficient precautionary measures with regard to the construction work on the Oosterweel Link. 

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