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Dutch authorities tighten COVID checks at borders

From today anyone wishing to travel from Belgium to The Netherlands will be subject to tighter controls when they cross the border. Anyone over the age of 12 that plans to spend more than 12 hours in The Netherlands will have to provide either proof of vaccination, a negative test or that they have recently recovered from a coronavirus infection. 

The Dutch National Police Service Marechaussee will check that motorists entering The Netherlands have the relevant documentation proving that they comply. They will do so on both motorways and minor roads. A negative PCR test result must be no more than 48 hours old. A rapid test result is allowed too providing that it was taken no longer than 24 hours before entering The Netherlands.

In addition to foreigners, Dutch people returning from holiday will also be subject to the checks. Mike Hofman of the Dutch Border Police told VRT News that the Dutch authorities are particularly concerned about holidaymakers returning home infected. Anyone caught flouting the rule will be fined 95 euro. 

The rule does not apply to foreigners visiting The Netherlands for less than 12 hours or Dutch people that have been out of the country for 12 hours or less. This means that people that, for example, have to cross the border to go to their place of work or for a shopping trip are exempt.

Mr Hofman added that people transiting through the country without stopping (for example someone driving from Belgium to Germany) will also not be required to provide proof of vaccination, a negative test or that they have recent recovered from COVID-19. 

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