Eurostar to increase services from Brussels to London later this month

The international rail operator Eurostar is to increase the number of services it proves between Brussels (and Paris) and London from later month. A Eurostar spokesperson announced the news in an interview with the German press agency DPA. 

From the second half of August the number of services between the UK capital London, the French capital Paris and our own capital city Brussels will be increased. The spokesperson told DPA that the number of passengers will be monitored closely and if necessary, the number of services will be increased further. 

Eurostar had drastically cut the number of services it operates to and from London due to the strict travel restrictions and lockdown measures. Passenger numbers fell by 95%. Prior to the pandemic Eurostar ran 56 services a day between London, Paris and Brussels.

Passengers from France and other EU countries that have been fully immunised against coronavirus no longer have to quarantine on entering the UK. Meanwhile, several EU countries have relaxed the restrictions on immunised UK nationals entering their respective countries. Since the relaxation of these restrictions was announced Eurostar has seen a big increase in bookings. 

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