Flemish vaccination rate among the world's highest, but are major relaxations a good idea?

90 percent of the Flemish adult population has received at least one corona jab. This triggered a remarkable suggestion by a Flemish infectiologist, who was quickly contradicted. 

The 90 percent puts Belgium at the head of the table, together with countries like Iceland. Biostatistician Geert Molenberghs says that this is not a reason to relax the present measures, because present corona figures will get even worse in the short run, due to the contagious delta variant. 

Hwoever, infectiologist Jeroen van der Hilst of the Virga Jesse Hospital in Hasselt (Limburg)  has a different opinion. He made a remarkable statement on the local Limburg TV station 'TV Limburg'. The delta variant is so strong that those refusing to be vaccinated (and who didn't get catch corona yet) will get Covid-19 sooner or later. Some of them will end up in hospital, he argues. "The question is not if they will end up in hospital, but when." 

Van der Hilst suggests that it would be a good idea to relax corona restrictions now, in order to spread the number of corona patients in time: now, the hospiitals still have extra capacity, while an autumn peak may cause capacity problems. 

His colleague Erika Vlieghe is against the idea: "If you opt for major relaxations now, figures will shoot up. This is something we want to avoid. This is not what hospitals are waiting for." 

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