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Traffic on Belgian motorways back to pre-corona levels (and a lot more lorries)

The corona pandemic caused a temporary drop in the number of cars on our roads, but new data show that things are already back to normal. And there's more: the number of lorries on our motorways is substantially higher than pre-corona levels. 

In spring, traffic flows were still 20 percent down compared to 2019. But the number of vehicles on Flemish roads increased substantially over the past weeks and months, data from the Flemish Traffic Centre have revealed, to match pre-corona levels. 

Many holiday makers are avoiding taking a plane when they go on holiday, but the data also show a big increase in the number of trucks. This increase was already there in the summer of 2020,  when there was a small rise of 1 or 2 percent on the year. However, this summer is seeing 5 to 13 percent more lorries. 

"We see that the demand for certain goods increased", says Theo Notteboom, a transport specialist of Antwerp university. "It's especially sustainable goods, such as sports equipment or devices, electronics and office equipment that have become more popular. And of course we engaged more in online shopping." The shipping industry could not always cope, which is why retailers tried to expand their stocks. This is where the extra trucks come in. 

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