Almost 1.7 million passengers at Brussels Airport during in July

In July passenger number at Brussels Airport at Zaventem (Flemish Brabant) were well in excess of 1 million. This means that last month was the first since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in which more than 1 million passengers left from, arrived at, or transferred through the country’s busiest airport. 

According to figures published by the airport on Wednesday, 1,268,257 passengers used Brussels Airport in July 2021. This is double the number of passengers that used the airport in July 2020. However, in July 2021 passenger number at Zaventem were still less than half of what they were in July 2019. The airport says that flights to holiday destinations as well as people travelling to visit family or to go and stay at their second home served to push up passenger numbers in July. Spain, Greece, Italy, Morocco, and Turkey were the most popular destinations for those flying out of Zaventem last month.

However, the airport adds that coronavirus restrictions still mean that package holidays to other destinations such as Egypt, Tunisia, Cape Verde, and the Caribbean are still not possible. This of course has an impact on passenger numbers

Meanwhile, cargo traffic tonnage passing through the airport continues to increase. In July 2021 75,000 tonnes of cargo passed through the airport. This is a third more than in July 2019 and July 2020. 

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