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High Council for Health call for free-of-charge PCR testing of youngsters

The High Council for Health has called for PCR tests for coronavirus to be made free-of-charge for young people in order to enable them to take part in activities that require vaccination, proof of recovery or a negative test. Offering PCR tests free-of-charge would allow youngsters to enjoy a social life again. 

The High Council for Health says that this is important for youngsters’ mental well-being. A report by the High Council for Health shows that young people in particular have suffered mentally as a result of the lockdown measures that have been in force in varying degrees since March 2020. Youngsters have been left vulnerable and have often been forgotten by policymakers. The report called on the authorities to try and make good some of the damage that has been done.  

Phycology Professor Inez Germeys of the High Council for Health told journalists that “When taking new measures, the focus should be on relaxing restrictions and on the young”

“One of the recommendations we have made is that young people should be able regain the freedom to interact with each other again as quickly as possible. While we are happy that the vaccination campaign among the young is running so well, we realise that as long as they are not fully immunised, they should be given access to free-of-charge PCR tests in order to be able to participate in social activities", Professor Germeys said. 

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