80% of adults in Belgium now fully immunised

A new milestone has been reached in the coronavirus vaccination campaign as 80% of adults in Belgium are now fully immunised against COVID-19. The figures come from the public health science institute Sciensano. Meanwhile, if we look at the population as a whole, we see that 65.2% of people in Belgium are now fully immunised against COVID-19. 

7.5 million people in Belgium have now had both shots of the Pfizer, AstraZeneca or Moderna coronavirus vaccine or one shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. 

A further 0.75 million people have had one dose of a vaccine that requires two doses for full immunisation. This means that 8.25 million people have been vaccinated at least once. This is 84.3% of the adult population and 71.6% of the population as a whole.

In Flanders just under 70% of the entire population is fully immunised. This is 85% of adults in our region. Meanwhile, in Brussels just 58% of adults have been fully immunised against coronavirus.


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