Bananas galore growing in garden in Antwerp Province

Archiel Luyckx from Oostmalle in Antwerp Province is both proud of a surprised by a banana plant in the garden of his home. Not only has the plant grown to a height of some 4 metres, but rather unexpectedly is has also started to bear fruit. Now no fewer than 100 small bananas are growing on the plant. It is first time that the plant has produced fruit in anything like these numbers. The damp weather is believed to be responsible for Archiel’s bumper banana harvest. 

He told VRT Radio 2 Antwerp that "There are three branches that bear fruit. One of them is already flowering and I can see 25 little bananas growing”.

A rather proud Archiel added that "This has never happened before. Apparently, moisture in the air is very good for the plants and as a result they produce more fruit”.

The 4-metre-high plant has become something of a visitor attraction in Oostmalle. “The tree is higher than my fence so the neighbours can see it. There are people that pass by the back of my garden when out walking and I can hear them talking about it”.

Unfortunately, the bananas aren’t edible. “A specialist has told me that the bananas aren’t at all tasty and consist mainly of fibre. Its my first harvest and I have no experience with them at all, but once it’s time I will cut one of them open. I not too bothered if they aren’t edible because I get an awful lot of satisfaction just looking at them”. 

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