Man on Belgium’s “Most Wanted” list is apprehended in Germany

A man that was on the Belgian police’s “Most Wanted” list has been apprehended by police in Germany. In 2011 Eric De Cocq Van Delwijnen was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for attempted murder.  He absconded during his trial and has been on the run ever since. It had been long believed that he had undergone plastic surgery to change his looks. However, it has not yet been disclosed whether this indeed was the case. 

The 54-year-old was detained on Thursday in the German town of Löbau. Mr De Cocq Van Delwijnen is a Dutch national that had moved to Belgium. In 2011 a court in the East Flemish city of Ghent sentenced him to 15 years for attempted murder. In 2007 he had assaulted another man with a sharp implement at the exit of a pole dancing club in Assenede (East Flanders).

He has been on the run for just over 10 years and has been on the Federal Police “Most Wanted” list since it was launched in 2016.

In a press statement the Federal Police Service said that “Thanks to intense cooperation between the Belgian FAST team and other European FAST teams Mr De Cocq Van Delwijnen was finally located in Löbau, in the German state of Saxony”. The Belgian Judicial Authorities have asked ther German counterparts to return Mr De Cocq Van Delwijnen to Belgium. There are currently 15 names that remain on the Belgian “Most Wanted” list. 

What is the FAST Team?

The Fugitive Active Search Team (FAST) is a unit of the Federal Judicial Police. The team is responsible for actively seeking fugitives that have been convicted and escaped prisoners. The team also looks for fugitives that are being sought by police services in other countries and are believed to be in Belgium.


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