Corona figures keep rising: almost 500 patients being treated in Belgian hospitals

The delta variant of coronavirus is a strong and contagious one, which can be seen in the latest figures. Last week, 54 patients were being taken to hospital each day. This is 33 percent up on last week. This brings the total number of patients to 495 (20 more than yesterday). In fact, figures keep rising despite the high vaccination rate. 

Yesterday, Belgian hospitals reported 66 new admissions, while 46 patients were discharged. The total number of corona patients requiring hospital treatment is coming close to 500 now and is bound to pass this symbolic threshold in one of the coming days.  
136 patients are in intensive care units  (+4), with 67 of them on ventilators (+8). The number of ICU beds taken by Covid patients saw a 39 percent increase on the week. The number of patients on ventilators went up by 24 percent. 
The number of fatalities remains at 3 per day at present. 

The reproduction figure has climbed further to reach 1.22 - but in fact we should try to get it below 1 

Each day saw 1,825 new cases on average last week, which is 9 percent up on the week. However, the number of tests was 14 percent down on the week. 
4,2 percent of those tested turned out to be positive. The R-value or reproduction figure stands at 1.22 at present (up from 1.19 yesterday): each 100 new cases will trigger 122 new cases which means the epidemic is growing fast again. The R-value should drop below 1 for the epidemic to shrink. 

Over 84 percent of the grown-ups in Belgium have received at least one jab

The good news is that the vaccination rate keeps improving. On 12 August 84.4 percent of the grown-ups had received at least one jab. However, if you look at the whole population and if you only take into account double-jabbed people, the vaccination rate drops to 65.7 percent - which is still an excellent score. 

In Flanders, 86 percent of the adult population is fully immunised. For Wallonia, this percentage is 76 percent. Brussels has to be content with 59 percent, though this figure is expected to climb as no stone is left unturned to convince people to get the jab. 

It is mostly people that haven't been vaccinated (fully) that end up in hospital. Double-jabbed people only make up about 3 percent of the new hospital admissions. 

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