Romelu Lukaku's agent says he was threatened: "A line has been crossed"

Romelu Lukaku made the headlines with a transfer from Inter Milan to Chelsea this week, but his agent is not so happy at present. The man, Federico Pastorello, says he is being threatened by angry Inter fans: "A line has been crossed, and not just a little bit." 

The Belgian international player Lukaku, one of the stars of the past European Championships, is very popular in Milan. The striker helped Inter to get the league title last spring, but due to financial problems the club had to let him go. Chelsea emerged as a possible destination, and then things went fast. 

It's good news for Inter Milan's coffers (the transfer was worth about 115 million euros) but Inter fans haven't digested Lukaku's departure yet. His agent Federico Pastorello has been targeted by angry fans. "Many of the people who are threatening and insulting me today, were very thankful when I took Romelo to Milan in 2019." 

But this time a line has clearly been crossed, says Pastorello: "I accept the confrontation and the positive criticism and I will continue to do so. That's part of the game. But what we can't tolerate, are lies, insinuations and personal threats towards my family, my daughters and myself. They don't belong in a civilised society, and exceed the lines of decency and tolerance by far."  

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