Blankenberge mayor ousted as new Flemish legislation comes into force

The coastal resort of Blankenberge will have a new mayor after Daphne Duméry (N-VA) has been ousted. The biggest party in Blankenberge made the most of new Flemish legislation that came into force this weekend.  

The Blankenberge coalition was made up of three parties: the Flemish nationalists of N-VA, the christian democrats of CD&V and the socialists of Vooruit. The latter dropped their support for mayor Daphne Duméry in April, claiming she failed to be a team player. After a row, Vooruit pulled out of the coalition and the Blankenberge team no longer had a majority. 

New Flemish legislation coming into force this weekend states that the biggest party in a municipality can take the initiative to form a new coalition if a ruling coalition has no majority. 

In Blankenberge, the biggest party after the local elections was Open VLD. However, they ended up on the opposition benches. Open VLD smelled their chance and made a new coalition together with the socialists. Together, they have enough seats for a majority. It means that not only the N-VA, but also CD&V have been ousted. Daphne Duméry will lose her position as mayor, while Björn Prasse of Open VLD is poised to take her place. 

"It was bound to happen, this couldn't go on like this", Duméry said. Her coalition had to look for a different majority each time they wanted to make new legislation, seeking support with the opposition. 

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