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Blankenberge's 'rarity velodrome' for sale after 88 years

The wooden cycling track next to Blankenberge beach, called the 'Lustige Velodroom', is being put up for sale. It is the place where those willing to take the challenge can try out all kinds of 'bizarre' bicycles. 

The velodrome has been managed by the Monbaliu family for 3 different generations. Manager Thierry is getting older now and none of his children is interested to take over the business. 

"I am 56 and thinking of retiring. The most important goal in my life is to secure the future of the velodrome. I am looking for somebody to take over the business. You need to know that it is unique in Europe, maybe in the world", Thierry says. "Candidates should show the same passion as I have and should keep the business in its present form: this is nostalgia and amusement, back to basics."

The track is removed from the beach in September and is being rebuilt each year in March. "In winter, you also have a full-time job to maintain the bicycles: give them some new paint and a thorough screening."   

Click on the movies to play. In the above video, Thierry presents the latest asset, the macarena bike: "The latest creation this year, the 88th bike: the macarena bike. Not an easy one to ride." 

In the video below, Thierry explains that his velodrome is a hype on TikTok for the moment. "Last week, a famous TikTok person put a movie online and it has 465,000 views until now." Those covering the whole track in one time, can earn a bottle of champagne. 

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