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Flemish Brabant sky diving team World Champions for the 4th time running

The HayaBusa sky diving team from Schaffen in Flemish Brabant is celebrated its fourth consecutive World Championship title win. The group took its fourth title in a row in the formation jumping category at the Championships that were held in Siberia. Like the other teams competing, HayaBusa had to, after having jumped out of a plane, complete as many formations as possible within a set time. 

Bad weather meant that not all teams were able to complete all their formations. However, by then the team from Schaffen already had a considerable lead.

As a prize the Flemish Brabant sky divers will, once again, be allowed to take the Formation Jumping World Champions’ Excalibur sword back home with them. The sword has been in Schaffen since the first World Championships in 2014. The World Skydiving Championships are held every 2 years. Last year the event was put back a year due to…corona. 

David Grauwels, a cameraman from Diest (Flemish Brabant) that filmed the jumps told VRT News that “Bad weather meant that this year there were only 6 jumps instead of 10. But all’s well that ends well and we can bring the World Title back with us to Belgium”.

The teams are made up of 4 sky divers and a cameraman. They get 35 seconds to carry out as many movements as they can while they are in free-fall. The cameraman films the sky divers and afterwards a jury judges the footage that has been shot and points are awarded per movement. Mr Grauwels told VRT News that poor weather had meant that HayaBusa had had a difficult time preparing for this year’s World Championships.

On their return the team will be invited to a reception in their honour at Diest Town Hall. With the 2020 World Championships having been put back to this year. The HayaBusa sky diving team now has just 1 year to prepare for the 2022 World Championships that will take place in the American state of Arizona.

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