Where will you still need to wear a face covering after 1 September?

As we reported on Friday evening the Consultative Committee has announced considerable relaxations to the measures designed to curb the spread of coronavirus. The measures will become effective from 1 September in Flanders and Wallonia. However, with the exception of the scrapping of the rule limiting the number of people we are allowed to welcome into our homes at any one time, none of the relaxations of the coronavirus restriction will become effective in Brussels for at least another month. 

The introduction of phase 4 of the so-called “Summer Plan” doesn’t mean a complete return to how things were pre-corona. A Corona Safe Ticket will be demanded from those wishing to attend larger events and face coverings will remain a feature of our everyday lives. But where will we still be obliged to cover our noses and mouths?

This will remain the cases on public transport, at stations, inside shops (and malls), at libraries, court buildings and places of worship such as churches and mosques.

The only publicly accessible buildings where the obligation to wear a face covering will no longer apply from 1 September are commercial premises (offices, factories,) offices or workplace facilities belonging to public services and facilities used by associations such as sports clubs, cultural groups, etc…

For the time being at least we will still have to wear a face covering if we visit the hairdresser, nail bar, physiotherapist or any other contact professional. This has been confirmed by a spokesperson for the Flemish Economy Minister Hilde Crevits (Christian democrat).

Ms Crevits’ spokesperson also said that although a precise protocol still has to be drafted the basic rule on the wearing of face coverings in the workplace will be that you should be able to take them off if you are able to maintain enough distance between yourself and your colleague. More details rules on this will be published soon. 

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