One person dead and another seriously injured in road accident in West Flanders

One person has been killed and another left with serious injuries after the car they were travelling in was involved in an accident at Wulpen, near to the West Flemish costal town of Koksijde. Such was the impact of the crash that Maserati car the victims were travelling in was spilt in two after it collided with a tree. 

The accident happened at around 9pm on the Veurnekeiweg in Wulpen. The Maserati was travelling from Veurne and witnesses say that it had overtaken several other vehicles at high speed just prior to the crash. The car hit a tree at the side of the road and was split in two on impact. The vehicle’s engine and its two front wheels were found 20 metres further up the road from what remained of the rest of the car.

The driver of the car was jettisoned several metres up the road by the impact of the crash. He died at the scene. His female passenger was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries. Witnesses aided the victims while awaiting the arrival of the emergency services. As the circumstances of the accident were already clear from witness statements the Judicial Authorities have not appointed an accident investigator.  

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