Belgian military evacuated 175 people, including 136 Belgians, on Sunday

The Belgian military evacuated a total of 175 people from Kabul Airport on Sunday. A total of four flights took the evacuees from the Afghan capital to Islamabad in Pakistan where the Belgian evacuation mission is based. 

At a press conference early on Sunday evening, the Belgian Foreign Minister Sophie Wilmès (Francophone liberal) and the Defence Minister Ludivine Dedonder (Francophone socialist) said that 136 Belgian were among the 175 people evacuated by the Belgian military’s C-130 planes on Sunday. Also aboard were a number of Dutch nationals and an American diplomat. 

Around 400 evacuees that have been flown from Kabul to Islamabad so far will arrive at Melsbroek Airbase in Flemish Brabant today abroad two Air Belgium charter flights. From there they will be taken to the near-by Peutie Barracks for medical and identity checks and security screening.

Meanwhile, the army has taken the necessary measures to ensure that the influx of evacuees can be welcomed in the best possible conditions at the barracks. Meanwhile, all 34 Belgian evacuees that arrived at Peutie Barracks on Saturday evening were able to leave during the course of Sunday.

So far at total of 263 Belgians have been evacuated from Kabul as part of Operation Red Kite. However, some other Belgian nationals have been evacuated by our European partners. 

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