Unions at Brussels Airlines issue strike notice

Unions that represent workers at Brussels Airlines have issued a strike notice. Last week, talks aimed at finding a solution to what the unions see as excessive work pressure suffered by the airline’s cabin crew broke up without agreement.  

In a statement the unions say that "Management has categorically refused to negotiate a structural solution for the collective labour agreement that was imposed by Lufthansa in 2020”. 

The unions go on to say that they will inform their members who they say have been under intense pressure of work since the start of the summer. This has come after a prolonged period during which many of them were laid off and saw their purchasing power fall significantly.  

"We can only say that this is a regrettable situation and ask the only party that is responsible for this, Lufthansa to take responsivity and to listen more to and show more respect for the staff at Brussels Airlines”.  

Previously the management at Brussels Airlines has said that it wishes to find a negotiated solution. The management condemns “all action that can be damaging for passengers, have an impact on the pressure of work for other members of staff and endanger the advancement and financial stability of the company”. 

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