Did Belgium’s 3x3 basketball team commit fraud to qualify for the Olympics?

Basketball Belgium, the Belgian basketball association and the international basketball federation are conducting an investigation into possible fraud involving the organisation of three-on-three basketball tournaments.  The investigations have been launched following allegations of fraud involving the Belgian 3x3 Lions, who shone at the Tokyo Olympics.

The Belgian Lions just managed to qualify for the Olympics and impressed all by securing a 4th place. The daily De Standaard claims that several fictional tournaments were organised in Belgium in order to beef up the Lions’ record ahead of qualification.

The Lions stand accused of registering 27 fictional tournaments with FIBA, the international federation. This allowed the Belgians to qualify for qualification tournaments in Debrecen and Graz. 

Qualification for qualification tournaments occurs on the basis of complex calculations.  The system has meanwhile also been changed making it hard to track down earlier fraud.

In a press release the Belgian Lions insist that their performance over 2021 showed their worth.

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