Relaxations in parts of Brussels after all?

Relaxations of corona measures have been put on hold in the Brussels Region for a further month as a result of the low vaccine take-up and high case rates.  While relaxations kick in across Flanders on 1 September the mayor of one Brussels borough hopes to emulate these relaxations at least in hospitality.

Boris Dilliès, the Mayor of Ukkel, wants hospitality in the affluent and leafy suburb to go ahead with relaxations of corona restrictions on 1 September too

“Our vaccination rates are virtually identical to those of neighbouring Flemish municipalities or municipalities in Walloon Brabant” he told RTBF.

It’s true vaccination rates vary widely across Brussels.  Sint-Pieters-Woluwe, Oudergem and Ukkel have rates far higher than Molenbeek or Sint-Joost.  The Ukkel Mayor wants municipalities in Brussels to be able to decide for themselves when they press through relaxations.

Mr Dilliès points to the figures for first jabs in his municipality: 71% of adults have had a first jab in Ukkel, while the figure drops to 49% in Molenbeek.

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