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More overnight stays at our coastal resorts this summer despite the poor weather

The West Flemish Tourist Board Westtoer has released figures on the number of overnight stays by tourists visiting the province’s coastal resorts. During July and August, they were a total of 12 million overnight stays at hotels, guesthouses, camp sites and other self-catering accommodation at resorts along the West Flemish coast. 

Despite the generally poor weather this summer, the number of overnight stays is up by 3% compared with July and August last year. In addition to those sleeping over, around 4 million daytrips have also been made to our coastal resorts since to beginning of July.

Hotels, camp sites and those letting self-catering accommodation all report that business has been brisk during the past two months. As a whole the number of overnight stays is up by 3% on last summer. The number of bookings in August in particular was up on last year.

Hotels at coastal resorts have seen high occupancy level with peaks of between 85% and even 95%. In particular, the number of domestic tourists staying in hotels at the coast was up compared with last summer. As in 2020 Germans formed the largest group of foreign tourists staying at our coastal hotels.

Those letting holiday homes have also had a good summer season. Last summer’s increase in bookings continued this summer. Almost all agencies that let holidays homes to tourists say that the properties on their books were more or less fully occupied between mid-July and mid-August. Occupancy has been between 75% and 80% during the last two weeks of the month.

The busiest days for day trippers at the coast were 21 July with just over 160,000 day trippers, followed by 18 July when there were 140,000 day trippers. On 12 August 130,000 day trippers made their way to the coast. 

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