Arnaud Le Vu / Hans Lucas

Brussels Covid patients to be transferred to Flanders

Starting Monday Flemish hospitals will once again welcome Covid patients from hospitals in Brussels.  The federal health ministry has decided that Covid patients from hospitals in Brussels can also be transferred to beds in Wallonia.

In Brussels the situation is dire: the number of Covid patients in intensive care is threatening the treatment of other patients.

Philippe Peetrons, head physician at Iris Hospitals South explains why patients will be transferred: “We requested this possibility as several critical care units are overburdened.  At the Brugmann Hospital, Iris Hospitals South and the St Lucas Hospital half of all ICU patients are Covid patients.  At the Erasmus Hospital and CHU Saint Pierre half of today’s capacity is filled by Covid patients. At Chirec hospitals Covid patients occupy virtually all ICU beds.”

Brussels University Hospital, UZ Brussel, too has asked for permission to be able to transfer patients.  “We are continuing to accept patients” says Karolien De Prez.  “Transfers are happening to spread the pressure over various hospitals”.

UZ Brussel is treating 15 Covid patients. Five are in critical care.


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