Demand for healthier Belgian fries creates new jobs

Increased demand for Belgian fries is creating a hundred new jobs at Agristo in Wielsbeke (West Flanders).  Consumers not only want more Belgian fries, but they also want healthier Belgian fries explains Agristo’s Ward Claerbout.  “Different types of chips have to be produced on different production lines.  This is why we are introducing a third production line for frozen chips” says Ward.

“It used to be quite simple” explains Ward Claerbout.  “People wanted Belgian fries.  Today consumers are on the look-out for healthier products like chips that can be baked in the oven and still stay crispy.  Raw materials have also changed.  Chips are being made from sweet potatoes.  New technologies and production processes are required as well as extra staff.”

The expansion of production is good news for the local economy.  Agristo is hiring a hundred new workers, mainly at its Wielsbeke plant.  Today the plant already employs 260.  The new production line will be operational next spring.

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