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Professional copper thieves steal Brussels light covers

In recent days a score of light covers belonging to those quintessentially Brussels streetlights have disappeared.  It’s suspected that the light covers have been stolen because they contain small amounts of copper.

Inge Paemen of Brussels Mobility explains the ‘beautiful, picturesque light covers’ have gone missing along the Leuvensesteenweg and the Leopold II-laan. “We suspect copper thieves have been at work.  The covers contain small quantities of copper, but the price of this metal has shot up recently.”

The mobility agency is convinced the theft is the work of professionals: “The thieves had to climb up onto the lampposts.  They also needed the right equipment.  You can’t loosen a light cover like that with the flick of your wrist. They are fixed tightly.  We have filed a complaint with the police, but so far have no news.”

The agency hopes to replace the covers by new ones that don’t contain any copper: “Aluminium is an option.  At the same time we will replace the bulbs with LED lamps to save energy.”

Brussel Mobiliteit

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