Extra busses to ease overcrowding on schooldays

The Flemish public transport company De Lijn has announced that during September at least it will be deploying extra busses to ease over-crowding on some of its routes on schooldays. As was the case during the last school year, the extra buses will run alongside buses providing the normal scheduled services.

By running two buses side by side capacity is doubled thus reducing the chance of overcrowding. With passengers not being packed into overcrowded vehicles coronavirus is not able to spread as easily.

This is particularly important with regard to secondary school children as many of them are still be given their second vaccine dose and are not yet fully immunised. 

More than 400 vehicles owned by private coach companies are being deployed on routes across our region during peak times. The Flemish Government is providing 4.6 million euro to pay for the extra provision.

Whether the provision will be extended beyond September will depend on the vaccination rate among the region’s teenagers. The additional buses are accessible to all and not just to children that are on their way to school.


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