Five more medals at the Paralympics for Belgium

It’s been an awesome day at the Paralympics for Belgium with five medals so far.  Ewoud Vromant (pictured) and Peter Genyn both won silver, while Roger Habsch, Maxime Hordies and Tim Celen won bronze medals.

Wheelchair sprinter Peter Genyn saw gold slip through his fingers in the 200m sprint as he clashed with Finland’s Piispanen.  Still, Genyn is able to add a silver to Belgium’s tally, while Roger Habsch, who finished third, adds a bronze.

Silver for Paralympic cyclist Ewoud Vromant in the C2 time race brought tears to the rider’s eyes. This was sheer joy for Vromant after an earlier disqualification in the 3,000 metres.

Tim Celen covered the men’s time race in the T1 and T2 category in 30’44”21. Celen finished the first round in sixth place but upped his pace to finish third.  It’s a great achievement for the 23-year-old, who had mainly invested in Thursday’s road race.

Maxime Hordies showed he was worthy of his selection for Belgium’s strong hand bike team securing a bronze in the men’s time race in the H1 class.  The 25-year-old covered the two eight-kilometre laps in 47’01’23.

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