What’s new on 1 September?

No more soldiers at the airport, a doubling of educational leave for workers and possibly a visit to a psychologist for eleven euros.  These are some of the exciting new changes on 1 September.

It started after the Paris attacks in 2015 and continued for six years: guard duties by members of the Belgian armed forces in the street, at airports and other strategic locations across the country but today this mission is coming to an end. The mission started to be scaled back last year and members of the federal police will now assume full responsibility for such duties.

The number of hours that you can enjoy educational leave from your workplace in Flanders is being doubled next schoolyear from 125 hours to 250.  It’s a one-off operation and applies if employers and employees jointly suggest a course.  Economy minister Crevits is releasing 10 million euros in an effort to boost educational leave and get more workers to take up this opportunity:

“In recent months many people have discovered the importance of training.  At the moment too few employees are embarking upon training courses during their working career.  This must change, especially now we see the return of labour shortages.”

Starting 1 September psychological support becomes more readily available.  The ambition is to allow everybody to consult a psychologist for up to 20 sessions a year at 11 euros a go. But the plan is still being developed and only in the course of the autumn will it become clear for which types of consultation the new arrangement applies.

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