Jail for cruel murderers of Belgian plumber

Two Dutch women and a Dutch man have been convicted following the horrendous murder of a 56-year-old Belgian plumber.  The court in Breda accepted that the Belgian from Lint (Antwerp Province) experienced hell before he was finally killed. 

In 2019 Johan set off for his secret girlfriend’s house.  Little did he know that his girlfriend and her new lover had decided to rob him.  It’s a complicated story.  The new lover’s ex-girlfriend was also in on the plan.  Johan was drugged and tied up so the threesome could head off to his house and search it thoroughly. 

When no cash could be found the culprits decided to torture their victim in the back of his own van.  This happened while they drove the van on the Antwerp orbital.  This torture probably led to his death. 

The culprits then drove Johan’s body to a caravan park north of the border where it was dismembered.  Body parts were burned to a cinder and the remains were dumped in a bowl of cement that was thrown into the Schelde Rhine Canal.  Johan’s van and plumber’s equipment was subsequently sold.

The Dutch court sentenced the man to 17 years.  The women got ten and eight years.

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