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Relaxation of corona restrictions except in Brussels

It’s 1 September and that means a whole series of new relaxations of corona restrictions kick in.  The relaxations affect Flanders and Wallonia, while these have been postponed in Brussels due to low take up of the vaccine and rising infection numbers.

Hospitality returns more or less to normal. The 1AM closing time is trashed.  An unlimited number of people can sit at one table and parties no longer have to sit 1.5 metres apart.

Bar service returns and you can even sit at the bar.

Punters and staff standing up and moving about still need to don a face covering, while the manager must measure air quality and ensure sufficient ventilation.

Dancing is permitted from 1 October, but is already allowed at private parties.

Discotheques remain closed till 1 October.

In Brussels the 1AM closing time remains.  Parties may not exceed 8 people and must remain 1.5 metres apart. No bar service!

In Flanders and Wallonia no restrictions apply to events indoors for 200 people, outdoors for 400.  Face coverings and social distancing are not required.  A Covid Safe Ticket proving vaccination, immunity or a recent test result isn’t required.

Starting 1 October participant numbers will be raised to at least 500 indoors and 750 outdoors.

No restrictions apply to events with more participants only if a Covid Safe Ticket is required at the door.

Social distancing and face coverings remain obligatory at smaller events in Brussels.

No restrictions apply at private parties with up to 200 people indoors, 400 outdoors.  Social distancing and face coverings are not required.  Dancing is permitted.  The Covid Safe Ticket cannot be required for private gatherings.

Homeworking is no longer recommended in Flanders and Wallonia.  It is in Brussels.

No restrictions to the number of people you welcome into your home apply anywhere in the country.

Apart from in Brussels were the 1AM closing time remains night shops can return to their usual opening hours.

Restrictions on the number of participants at civil wedding ceremonies, funerals and religious services are trashed apart from in Brussels where the limit is 200 indoors, 400 outdoors.

Face coverings are required in Flanders and Wallonia as in Brussels where physical distancing too must be observed.

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