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“It’s time to stop holding the population hostage”

Bart De Wever, the Mayor of Antwerp and the leader of Belgium’s biggest party, the Flemish nationalist N-VA, has suggested it’s time to axe corona restrictions.  Mr De Wever points to promises to halt restrictions when a certain level of vaccinations has been reached.

“You can’t tell people all year restrictions will end, only, when the vaccination goal has been reached, to say no can do.  People have done what they had to” says the politician, who was never very enthusiastic about the restrictions.

The N-VA leader suggests it’s time to start treating corona like a ‘normal’ virus. 

“There are a couple every winter.  There’s a problem if hospitals are overburdened, but if people don’t end up in hospital, we should stop focussing on the number of infections.”

Belgian interior minister Verlinden (Flemish Christian democrat) defends existing restrictions.  She says only the measures needed to ease pressure on health care are retained.

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