Covid Safe Ticket required at many more venues?

Flemish socialist leader Conner Rousseau (Vooruit Party) says that in the event of a fourth wave of coronavirus infections people who have been vaccinated shouldn’t have their liberties cut and suffer as a result of the group of people who are rejecting vaccination.

Mr Rousseau believes that if a worst-case-scenario develops fresh corona measures will be introduced.  In such an event the unvaccinated – “a couple of egoists” - should not be allowed to spoil the party for those who “showed solidarity and assumed responsibility” i.e. got vaccinated.

The Vooruit leader sees the Corona Safe Ticket that proves vaccination, immunity through illness or the result of a recent test could be required at far more places as a condition of entry.  “At some point we’re going to have to show vaccination offers advantages.  It’s good for you and society as a whole.”

Mr Rousseau is particularly concerned about Brussels with its low vaccination uptake rates.  He believes the vaccination drive there needs to become more aggressive.

Mr Rousseau’s Francophone counterpart Paul Magnette is willing to discuss obligatory vaccination.  The Flemish party leader says he’s not in favour of obligatory vaccination at the minute.

Earlier Francophone Christian democrat leader Prévot noted it was normal that parties first opted for voluntary vaccination, but that this had now reached its limits.

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