Antwerp’s Spoor Oost “Vaccination Village” to close at the end of the month

The largest coronavirus vaccination centre in the country is to close at the end of this month. By the end of August, no fewer than 719,000 coronavirus jabs had been administered at the “Vaccination Village” at the Spoor Oost site. The Antwerp Alderwoman responsible for health Els van Doesburg (Flemish nationalist) told VRT Radio 2 that while she is certainly satisfied with the work done at Spoor Oost so far, she hopes for a final sprint to increase vaccination levels in Antwerp before the vaccination centres closure in 4 weeks’ time. "I am very pleased that a great mass of people has come to Spoor Oost to be vaccinated. However, we will continue to actively work to reach those that remain”.

Currently, 78% of adults in Antwerp have been fully immunised and 82% have received at least one dose of coronavirus vaccine.

"This is all thanks to the many volunteers”, Ms van Doesburg said.

"Everyone in Antwerp has received an invitation. The large-scale infrastructure at the vaccination village will soon no longer be required. Antwerp has given the best of itself and has shown that we can deal with a pandemic”.

Those that want to get both doses of coronavirus vaccine at Spoor Oost will have to go there before close of play on Monday 6 September for their first jab. They will then have to wait another 3 weeks for their second dose. The most medically vulnerable group that is entitled to a third vaccine dose will also be able to get their jabs at Spoor Oost during the next 4 weeks.

Ms van Doesburg is keen to stress that the closure of the Spoor Oost vaccination centre doesn’t mean that the vaccination campaign has come to an end.

"We will continue to deploy our mobile teams and vaccinate at various locations. During September we will also be vaccinating in schools. Among the youngest people the vaccination rate is around half. We want to increase this through the schools, but of course only if parents give their permission”.

Antwerp’s Vaccination Village has attracted attention from the international media. Just this week a photograph of the centre appeared in the American newspaper ‘The New York Times’.

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