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Corona pass likely to become obligatory in Brussels bars and restaurants

Anyone wishing to go for a meal or a drink in the Brussels-Capital Region is likely to soon be required to provide proof of vaccination, recovery or a negative coronavirus test. Speaking on VRT television on Friday evening the Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden (Flemish Christian democrat) said that she backs the Brussels First Minister Rudi Vervoort’s (Francophone socialist) idea of making a Covid Safe Ticket mandatory for those wishing to enter bars and restaurants in Brussels.

In order to introduce such a measure Mr Vervoort would need the agreement of the other regional, language community and federal governments. The Brussels First Minister hopes that the measure will serve to increase the vaccination rate in the capital.

The Brussels-Capital Region is way behind Flanders and Wallonia when it come to immunisation against coronavirus. Furthermore vaccination rates in cities elsewhere in Belgium (Antwerp, Liège, Ghent, Charleroi) are all way above those in Brussels. Currently the Covid Safe Ticket is only used at large scale events such as music festivals, concerts and football matches. 

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